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 Razor Handle
 16 Nov 2010


King of shaves is a local company to us, who over the last four years has been discussing their desire to move into the razor market.  Through negotiations with our sister company Euromoulds, KMI and 2SM, their Azor handle design has transcended into production.

As with the mouthguard we helped to take an excellent design into a production item.  KMI now sell their Azor razor into the leading retailers here in the UK and are currently spreading into the rest of the world.  Once again, we have shown that here in the UK we have the edge when it comes to quality, service and competitive pricing.  KMI have been committed to promoting UK manufacturing and we are proud to be associated with a local company that has taken on one of the largest industries and in a very short time taken a prominent position within the market.

Click here to launch the Official "Azor by King of Shaves" website in a new browser.


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