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As our name suggests Two-Shot Moulding specialise in two part simultaneous moulding with either two materials or two colours. Buckinghamshire based, conveniently located close to the M25, we deal in low to high volume batches with plastic injection moulding capacity from 50 to 200 tonnes.

The company (set up in 2001) originated from the partnership of Kaden Plastics and 
Euromoulds Ltd. Whereby; the premise of Kaden Plastics provided a trialling facility for Euromoulds mould tools; prototyping two-material injection. The knowledge and experience gained in the prototyping of this specialist field led on to dependable ventures for the collaborated company; Two-Shot Moulding Ltd.


  In the originating enterprise; sales of a two impression Ice Scraper exceeded 5 million within 5 years. A credit due to advantageous materials used to incorporate the strength needed to remove ice and the flexibility to remove condensation and be of easy grip to the consumer.


Two-Shot Moulding have created injection moulded products for customers in the medical, infant, personal care, sports, and automotive industries. We use our depth of experience and expertise to assist clients with their plastic product design, rapid prototyping, manufacture and assembly. We respond to changing demands of companies and their customers with clients having product ranges in excess of 160 different designs.

Two-Shot Moulding in n BSEN ISO9001:2008 accredited company. Each component as a minimum is quality checked every hour with records taken. These can consist of dimensional, visual, colour, weight, cycle time - criteria customer tailored.


We use the latest technology and equipment, calibrated to UKAS standards. We accredit to PPAP (for automative) and Class 100,000 (for medicinal; ensuring a Clean Exposure around one of the machines).

Please browse our news page for updates on our continuous growth into new areas and client bases.




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