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 30 Jun 2009


In 2006 2SM was approached by Opro to become their preferred supplier for their new adventure into boil and bite mouth guards. Opro was already established as the leading UK Company in custom fit and with their new design, was looking for a company with expertise in design and proto-typing facilities.

Early discussions were; should they stay in the UK or look to go to the Far East where prices were reported far cheaper. We were able to demonstrate that not only had the UK become very competitive with the Far East, but that service, quality, design help and times scales were far better here in the UK.

After many trials and help in design issues, between us we achieved which is now regarded as the best boil and bite mouth guard on the market.

2SM now moulds and fully assembles the complete Opro boil and bite ranges and we are proud to be associated with a UK company that has become a leader in its field.

Click here to launch a new browser into the official OPRO UK website.

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